Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's Not THAT Complicated!

Fans!  Beat it down to your local theater to see Meryl Streep in It's Complicated.  I belly-laughed out loud so many times during this film that I almost levitated.  Nancy Meyers wrote a terrific script, and the chemistry between Alec Baldwin and Meryl makes every scene they are in together funny, or touching, or both.  Miraculous Meryl is showing us at 60 a new lightness of being and flair for the comedic that we certainly wouldn't have bet on a decade or two ago.  There is NOTHING this woman cannot do!  Thank you, Meryl and YAY!!!
While you're at it, catch Robert Downey, Jr. in Sherlock Holmes.  Jeremy Brett is my favorite Holmes to date, but Downey, Jr. gives Holmes a humanity and humor I have not experienced before with any of the interpretations on film.  Thus, not only did I like the character better but I was surprised and satisfied to be sharing a couple of hours with Robert, Jude Law, and Rachel McAdam: a team I'd like to see again in these roles.
That said, last night I watched the most refreshing film I've seen in a long time:  Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier.  Yes, you heard me, the same Davy Crockett we watched as kids with Fess Parker and Buddy, soon-to-be-Jed-Clampett, Ebsen.  My niece Jamie VanBoskirk of Marysville, Pennsylvania for Christmas very thoughtfully gave me a DVD of two Crockett films.  I had mentioned to her that he was a hero of mine growing up, and she gifted me with an inspiring piece of my childhood.  How great is that?  REALLY GREAT for me.  The amazing part is that the story was compelling and touching and funny.  The production had an air of simplicity in its delivery that left me with my breathing intact, maybe even expanded.  Thank you, Jamie.
Taking my book, I Knew It Then, to its first Literary Salon on Sunday here in Sedona.  Up at four this morning choosing passages to read and rehearsing them out loud.  Got it!
Haven't a clue what to make for dinner.  Oh, well, Nicoise olives, Danish Fontina cheese, crusty Rosmary-Sea Salt bread from Wildflower Bakery dipped in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a rich gold in color this time, from Lucca, and a glass of Bolla Bardolino will do the trick anytime!
More culinary tales from la Bella Toscana, beautiful Tuscany, to come...
Love and Peace,